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Exhaust pulses

Postby Supershafts » Sat Jul 14, 2012 10:02 am

Many times a car or truck may have a vibration and act as a driveline vibration and actually be a exhaust pulse that is not being directed correctly or may need a bend eased up or may need a merge, even the simple placement of a exhaust hanger can make all the difference.
If you have a problem similar to this you may need to bring the vehicle to point out the issues location

The picture in this thread (ignore the auto cut outs) is of a truck that had a 75 mph cruise vibration with a performance exhaust, this vehicle has a SS AL shaft and has some other performance work including, cam, rockers, springs, headers, tune. After a new perf cat and exhaust was added the vehicle had a noticeable vibration at 75, but if it was under load it wasn't there which rules out a few other vibration issues.
This vehicle needed more than a simple hanger or merge, but it is now vibration and also drone free, and better mid power
exhaust comp.jpg
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exhaust fixes.jpg
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