Long Island Driveshaft Supershafts

(631) 514-1034
194 Morris Ave. U-55
Holtsville, NY 11742

Long Island Driveshaft

Long Island Driveshaft was founded in 1973. Over the years we have strived to be the best and give you - our customers - the best service possible.

Supershafts Racing

Supershafts Racing, the R&D/S&D extension of Long Island Driveshaft has worked to engineer better solutions for driveline issues and to enhance performance.  

Our Goal

Whether it's your daily driver, race, street or custom car, performance truck, off-road truck, on road/over the road truck, marine performance or heavy equipment, we can help you increase your performance and improve mileage.


Remember! At Long Island Driveshaft - there is no such thing as "good vibrations"!


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